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"Break Free" - 1 John 2:15-17

We all have desires that try to enslave us.  These desires are only temporary but, if left unchecked, leave lasting scars.  However, when we harness the power of God’s love we cast off the shackles of those desires.  Join us beginning April 23rd for this three-part series as we seek to “Break Free”.

  • April 23 – Break Free from Addiction - Addiction is described in the passage as the lust of the flesh.  Our bodies desire that which is contrary to what God prescribes.  When we violate God’s laws we mar the image of God, damage ourselves, and hurt those around us.  Addiction is a powerful force but love for God gives us the ability to break free.
  • April 30 – Break Free from Greed -  Greed in the passage is described as the lust of the eyes.  This is the desire to have stuff.  God is not against us having stuff.  In fact, He created the stuff we have.  This desire becomes sinful when we covet that which God has not given or we set our affections on the things we have.  This kind of materialism is enslaving.  We can never have enough so we are left with unfulfilled desires.  God is our ultimate desire.  Love for Him trumps anything this world offers.
  • May 7 – Break Free from Pride - Pride is the root cause of so much sin.  Some have gone so far as to say it is tied in some way to every sin.  Pride is rooted in lies.  None of us have made ourselves.  Whatever we have accomplished in life has been the power of God through us.  Pride creates pressure to perform to uphold an image.  Pride oppresses those around us by demanding respect.  Love for God frees us from this oppression.

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