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  • Josué & Ceça Barbosa da Silva - brazil

    Josué, a native Brazilian, ministers in the fishing village of Abre de Una, Brazil. Josue also assists Pastor Lecio Wanderley at the Pitanga Ranch, a youth camp ministry, and with Kid’s Place in the city of Recife. Josue partners with volunteers from the USA, including CBC, facilitating short-term mission trips to reach out to the “poorest of the poor” through VBS, camp ministry, and physical aid. 

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  • Bob & Stephanie Caudle, Nathan, Sarah, & Erin -alaska

    Through Cadence International they run a hospitality house for soldiers at a joint Army and Air Force base in Alaska. They offer Bible studies, recreational activities, and one-on-one opportunities. Their children are active in the ministry as well, sharing their home, meals, and time with the soldiers.

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  • Bob & Debbie Clark

    Bob and Debbie left for Indonesia as linguist/bible translators in 1990. Though they are now living in the US, Bob continues to make several long trips to Indonesia each year to continue this ministry. He currently serves on the Ethnos 360 (formerly New Tribes) translation committee for the Asia-Pacific region.

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  • Mickey & Trina Cofer, Judah, Jesse Mae, & Jaaz -Mongolia

    The Cofer family resides in Hatgal, Mongolia. They are working on printing a good translation of the Mongolian Bible  and Gospel tracts to reach Mongolia, Russia, China, and India. God has blessed the Cofers with artistic talent which has opened doors to teach pottery crafts that enable Mongols to earn income. They are also helping plant an indigenous church and are creating a Community Outreach and Youth Camp Center. 

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  • Bill & Debbie Crawford -  Germany

    Bill and Debbie were approved as missionaries to Slovakia in Sept 1998, then moved to Germany in Nov 1999. Bill serves as Pastor of the International Baptist Church in Dresden, a major city in east central Germany and the regional capital of German state of Saxony.

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  • Duane & Marilyn Cuthbertson - growing together ministries

    Duane lives and ministers locally in Michigan. He founded Growing Together Ministries in 1970, a ministry providing the blessing of free Christian counseling services to hurting individuals, marriages and families. He enjoys running seminars in churches on marriage and parenting and has taught from the pulpit at CBC on several occasions.  

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    Bruce & Diane have been with Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) for 37 years, and have spent the last 30 years ministering at the University of Michigan and at Eastern Michigan University. In 1990, they transitioned from working with the general student population to sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ to student athletes and coaches through Athletes in Action.

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  • Mike & Domnica Ely - Michigan

    After serving as a missionary in Romania 2008 - 2011, Mike and his family work as church planters in the Detroit area. Their goal is to have a church for every 1000 people. They continue to visit Romania to train leaders there. 

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  • Joy & Leela George - India

    The George’s are involved with the Asian Christian Academy in India which offers Biblical, theological and ministerial instruction at the master’s and doctoral level to train men for ministry throughout Asia. Also found on the ACA campus is a K-12 school with such an excellent reputation that many Hindus send their children to it. The campus also includes an orphanage and a teaching hospital.

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  • Dave & Cherie Green, Davey, Josiah, Charis & Cana - Taiwan

    The son of missionaries, Dave and Cherie have been partnering with Dave's parents and other missionaries to reach the people in Taichung County and build indigenous churches in  north central Taiwan. They are working on their third church plant in XinYing Disrict, Tainan City, with has a population of over 1 million in the metro area.

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  • Erol & Tanja Ilijazovic, Natasha, Tamara, & Ivan - serbia

    Erol and Tanya serve in Serbia. Their mission is to build spiritual movements in the largest urban cities in Serbia, that includes evangelism, discipleship, leadership development, church planting, and much more.  

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  • Brian & Sherri Jenks - awana

    The Jenks’ are our dedicated AWANA missionaries. They have been in the AWANA ministry since 1994. AWANA helps churches and parents work together to develop spiritually strong children and youth who faithfully follow Jesus Christ.  The core of this ministry is in Bible memorization, along with practical teaching, fun games, and Christian music.

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  • Tim & Charlene Miskimen - Thailand/Southeast Asia

    Prof. Tim & Charlene are based in Chaing Mai, Thailand with the Asia Biblical Theological Seminary, which is connected with Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI. ABTS is an accredited graduate school or Bible and Theology with over 300 students pursuing Masters degrees. 


  • Wes & Priscilla Peach - canada

    The Peaches have been in Montreal, Quebec since 1983. This faithful couple has been involved in church planting and Intervarsity, as well as a Haitian outreach through the years. They moved recently to a new ministry at Parole de Vie Bethel, a Christian Bible College in Quebec, where they will be teaching and mentoring students as future Christian leaders of Quebec and Canada.  

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  • Craig & Carol Poston, Teah, Siena, Laili, Gia, & Sofie - haiti, brazil, india, romania

    Craig has led over 60 mission trips where volunteers work alongside national Christians in house-to-house witnessing and evening services. Craig also does pastoral training sessions with the national pastors and Carol is a teacher/speaker to women’s groups, in the USA and abroad. Their focus countries are India and Romania.

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  • Allan & Laura Reiman - forgotten man ministries

    Allan is the Chaplain at the Livingston County Jail for Forgotten Man Ministries. Allan has 25 years as a Jail volunteer and several years as Associate Chaplain. He oversees nearly fifty faithful volunteers who minister to our inmates. Together each month they lead 48 Bible studies, conduct 24 Sunday church services, hold 24 women’s and men’s recovery classes and conducts numerous one on one counseling sessions.  

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  • Tom & Julie Rode - Grace Global Ministries

    Tom and Julie work on the campus of Ohio State University and with Major League Soccer Chaplains. They interact directly with coaches, coaches’ wives, and athletes sharing the gospel and putting on special events. They have stretched their ministry to also reach teen athletes across Ohio with opportunities to speak, share their faith, and train in personal evangelism. 

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  • David & Dawn Spink - Brazil

    Dave and Dawn serve in NE Brazil as church planters that start reproducing churches. They work directly with Brazilian leaders and lay people using Bible studies, children's ministries, music and sports.


  • Jeff & Karla Totten - score ministires (detroit tigers)

    Jeff is the director of SCORE ministries (Sharing Christ through Outreaches, Resources, and Encouragement). He is chaplain to the Detroit Tigers &  farm system. He is responsible for weekly chapels for the Tigers and visiting teams, Bible studies, discipleship, counseling, and other spiritual needs.       Email      Newsletter

  • Kyle & Melissa Walker, Arabella, Solomon and George - indigenous people of canada

    Kyle and Melissa recently finished their training with Ethnos360 and have been accepted as missionaries. They are in the Ministry Partnership Development phase of their ministry. Once they have raised their support, they will take part in church-planting among the indigenous people of Northern Canada.           Email   web page

  • Brent & Julie, Austin, Taylor, Anna & Kate - east asia

    As the East Asia Urban Specialist, Brent's main work is to build urban church leaders there who desire to build other leaders, start more churches, and send out workers to new locations. Building healthy church leaders is the most critical need in missions today.

    (Due to safety issues, no last name, picture or email given.)

  • Paul & Jessy - india

    Paul grew up as a Hindu in India. In 1987, a Christian pastor shared the gospel with him and Paul placed his trust in Jesus Christ. Starting in 1989, he worked for 5 years with India Campus Crusade for Christ. After  earning his Masters in Biblical Studies, he joined Asian Christian Academy to be a church planter in a hostile area with 2000 Hindu families.

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  • camp barakel

    Camp Barakel exists to proclaim truth about the living God. We want people to feel the weight of God's glory, know the depth of Biblical truth and see the beauty of the Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Camp Barakel is here to show and tell of God. The story of Camp Barakel is the story of God's faithfulness, and that story is being added to every day.         Newsletter

  • livingston christian schools

    The purpose of LCS is to teach and train students in academic subjects from a biblical perspective. LCS encourages students to be transformed by the renewing of their minds to discern the will of God and live a life of obedience to Christ. 

  • Second chance ministries

    Second Chance Support Network is a non-profit, Christian mentoring program for men and women coming out of jail or prison. We offer support which may include helping to set and reach personal goals, provide insight into life circumstances, finding services in the community, being a sounding board, helping to connect to a faith group, or possibly someone to just have coffee with.  Newsletter

  • young life brighton

    Young Life thinks the world of kids. We believe that they deserve to know what life can hold for them. Young Life leaders are caring adults who come sharing that hope as well as fun and lasting friendships with kids. Young Life is also all about fun. From club and camp to Campaigners and other activities, teenagers will have blast laughing, trying new things and being with their friends.

  • Youth Haven Ranch -  Michigan and arizona

    Snice 1968, Youth Haven Ranch has been providing life-changing, Christ-centered experiences for disadvantaged children. They offer free weekend and summer camps, Kids' Klub after school programs, and follow-up. Campers also receive food, clothing, personal hygiene items and more.

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