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GROUP Ministries

We believe being a part of a church goes way beyond Sundays. Our prayer is that everyone would be in a group other than Sunday, where you can learn together, grow together and serve together.

We have all kids of groups you can be a part of, below is a list of the types of groups that we have.

If you can't find somewhere to connect please click the button below and let us help you.


A City Group is a smaller, scattered community of men, women, and children from Community Bible Church. The purpose of a City Group is to help one another grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.  City Groups meet Sept-May. We would love to help you find a group to plug into. Click the Find a City Group button and let us know what you might be looking for, and we will get back to you.  

Maybe you are ready to facilitate a group. We would welcome the opportunity to plug you in. Click the Lead a City Group button and let us know what day of the week you were thinking and what type of group you might be interested in, and we will follow up with you. 


D-Groups are designed for purposeful accelerated spiritual transformation. Gender-specific groups of 3-5 believers meet regularly to study the Bible, memorize Scripture, and pray together. Every D-Group is formed organically through personal invitation. Please feel free to utilize any of the resources provided below.

Women Holding Hands

Adult Ministries provide a place where you can find community with others at your life stage. These groups take on various forms and participate in various activities, events, or programs throughout the year. 


We have Bible studies designed for Men and Women that study different topics or books fo the Bible. They meet at different times throughout the week. 


These groups are designed for people to walk alongside each other. Maybe you need support or counsel. Perhaps you are dealing with addictions and need to learn biblical principles to help overcome those. If you are walking through a season of loss and need help navigating the hurt and disappointment, then one of these groups could be for you. 

Image by Jeremy Bishop
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