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JITC is the outreach ministry of Community Bible Church. 
Our mission is to love God by supporting His church as they scatter to meet needs and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Serving Locally

Mission Focus:
Serving widows, orphans, those in need of shelter and those in need of food.

(Deut. 14:28-29, Acts 6, Matthew 25:32-46) 


Senior Facilities:

Serving Widows @ Brookdale 

Serving Opportunities:

  • Sunday Morning Services 9am

    • Providing prayer, fellowship and streaming Sunday Morning Services

  • Thursday Afternoon Bible Study

    • Prayer, fellowship and spending time in God’s Word

  • Special Events

    • Could include special music, game night, and being a part of one of Brookdale’s scheduled events.


Pregnancy Help Clinic:

Serving the Fatherless

Serving Opportunities

  • Commit to praying regularly for the clinic and for the unborn

  • Mentoring 

  • Providing donations needed by clinic to support families

  • Participate in events sponsored by the clinic


Community Catalyst (Bethel Suites):

Serving those in need of Shelter

Serving Opportunities

  • Committing to praying regularly for the facility and residents

  • Assist with the rehab of the facility

  • Mentorship for residents

  • Providing ongoing financial support for the facility through Kingdom Builders

  • Participating in ongoing volunteer opportunities provided by Community Catalyst


Howell Innovation High School Food Pantry:

Serving those in need of Food

Serving Opportunities

  • Commit to praying regularly for the school and the students

  • Provide needed food for the food pantry and other non-perishable supplies

  • Provide Meijer gift cards for the school to purchase fresh meats and produce.

  • Participate in serving a meal for the students

  • Partner with the school to teach a life skill such as cooking, sewing/craft, car mechanics etc.


Serving Regionally

Mission Focus:

To build up other churches and organizations to better bring the Gospel to their community.

(1 Thessalonians 5:11, Romans 14:19)


Church Revitalization

  • TBD


Regional Mission Trip/ Partnership

  • TBD


Serving Globally

Coming Soon!


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