how to share your story of hope

One of the many adjustments we are making in light of the COVID-19 outbreak is that we will not be able to gather in person on Easter Sunday. Although this is an unfortunate reality, we know that God is at work in powerful and unexpected ways right now. With this in mind – what if there were an opportunity for all of us to proclaim the hope of Easter together in a unique way this year?

We believe there is!

We are asking all of you who call CBC your home church to record a 60-second “selfie” video sharing your personal testimony of how Jesus has transformed your life. Once you’ve recorded your video, simply post it on Facebook with the hashtag #StoriesOfHope and also tag the Facebook pages for both CBC campuses on your post using the tags Community Bible Church Brighton and Community Bible Church South Lyon.

To Share & Tag Your Story on Facebook:

  • Film your 60 second testimony & upload it (instructions below).
  • Give a brief video description in the text section of your post.
  • Add your hashtag! It should say #StoriesOfHope with NO SPACES between the words.
  • Tag CBC by writing Community Bible Church Brighton and Community Bible Church South Lyon. This helps people find your post with a quick search of #StoriesOfHope or by searching for either of our church campuses.

Our prayer is that people both near and far will see these #StoriesOfHope while they are quarantined in their homes, and that perhaps the Holy Spirit would draw them to tune into our online worship service, when the ultimate story of hope is celebrated and proclaimed!


Here is a sample story that may be helpful in understanding how to keep your testimony to only 60-seconds:

Growing up…

Growing up, I saw Jesus as a mere addition to my life if I needed comfort and courage. Life wasn’t really about God, but I thought maybe God could help me achieve my dreams.

My life was…

My life was driven by my need to be seen as somebody important. This led me to pursue just about anything that I thought would make me feel “cool” or accepted. But deep down, I felt exhausted and empty.


Then I heard…


Then I heard about the risen Jesus. Not a mere addition to your life, but the King of kings who took on flesh to save humanity. The real Jesus who died on the cross but rose from the grave and offers new life to all who trust in him.



Now things are different. I’m not saying that following Jesus had made life perfectly flawless all the time. But every day he shows me that I am not defined by success or failure, but by the love of the one who conquered sin and death on my behalf.