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Mission Partnerships

in our community

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Community Catalyst | Michigan | Funding for Affordable Housing

As a non-profit funding source and consultant for affordable housing and services for seniors, veterans, homeless and other low-income individuals, Community Catalyst provides financing for affordable housing. Community Catalyst partners on projects in Michigan and the Midwest. 

within our region

Bringing the Good News to the Forgotten

“Jail is not a desirable place to be, but it was the place that saved me, thanks to Reach the Forgotten Jail Ministry. It’s not just a job for them. They are just trying to show love in the most broken part of our broken world.”
-Joshua S., Genesee County​

around the globe

Mickey & Trina Cofer

My wife and I were both saved as children and fully dedicated our lives to the Lord in our late teenage years. I am currently directing Mongolian Missions and First Bible Mongolia which is a long-term church planting effort at the northern border of the 10/40 window. Like most of the unreached people groups, Outer Mongolia is a restricted-access country. Yet, in September 2003, my wife and I were able to obtain resident visas based on our education and business experience in the arts.

With Trina’s training in painting and mine in wheel-thrown pottery we opened Vessels Of Honor Studio where we created hand-crafted pottery. The Lord blessed the work of our hands and allowed us to market our pieces in over a hundred galleries throughout the United States. During that time, we also served together in a gospel printing ministry. I ran a three-color web press while Trina illustrated and typeset tracts and doctrinal books for worldwide distribution.

Over the next fifteen years the Lord blessed our home with four children, Judah, Jonah, Jesse Mae and Jaazaniah, who all have made professions of faith. Each of them has demonstrated a genuine love for God, and openly expressed a desire to serve in the full time ministry of His choosing. While faithfully ministering in our local church, the Lord called us to use our bi-vocational training to begin a pioneer work in Mongolia. We were ordained and sent out of Winchester Baptist Church.

We have a fourfold Biblical strategy by which we are seeking to reach this nation for Christ. The four cornerstones in the foundation of the work are Church Planting, Leadership Training, Gospel Printing and doing Good Works that glorify God and help establish cross-cultural bridges to advance His Kingdom in the uttermost part of the earth.

Current Projects

  • Pioneer Missions Training Center Opening Fall of 2023

  • Completion of the Mongolian translation of the Bible

  • Distributing Mongolian children's curriculum to all of the Mongolian churches

  • Publishing a Mongolian family devotional series

New Chapel

Family Devotional Guide to the Book of Mark

Family Devotional Guide to the Book of Mark

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