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Here at Community Bible Church, we believe that every believer should live generously with their TIME, TALENTS, and TREASURE. 

Consistent Generosity

The Generosity Ladder


The Generosity Ladder is not a ladder to heaven or in any way a promise of eternity. The Generosity Ladder is a tool designed to help people move from money being their god to money being a tool for God's Kingdom. The Generosity Ladder focuses on behaviors and attitudes of our hearts rather than on amounts or percentages, further transforming us into the likeness of Christ. 

Each rung of the ladder represents growth in a lifestyle of generosity and sacrifice. These are not rungs you slowly ascend to get to God but simply a way to evaluate your growth in generosity. Scripture encourages us to grow in every facet of our walk with Christ, including the grace of giving. (2 Cor. 8:7)

As part of Community Bible Church, we want to challenge everyone to identify which rung on the Generosity Ladder they most closely identify with, and then, by faith, take the next step on their personal journey to generosity. 

As you begin your personal exploration with the Generosity Ladder, it's most important that you first spend time in prayer, asking the Lord where  He is leading you to grow in your generosity and dependence on Him.


Think past this year and are moving toward long-term impact for their local church, their family, and eternity. They make decisions in the short term that have longer-term effects on their giving capacity. This person is no longer asking "God how much are you asking me to give?" and us now asking "God how much are you asking me to keep?"


Someone, who is no longer thinking "What am I supposed to give?" but rather "What am I not giving and why?" This person is less concerned about the 10 or 15 percent and more concerned with the 90 to 85 percent. Sacrificial givers decide to make changes that cost them something in their lifestyle.


Think about their giving in relation to other things they spend their money on. They consider a percentage or amount that they want to give. and they seek to conscientiously grow in their generosity. Intentional givers look at their budget and consider how their giving affects their view of God and commitment to build His kingdom.


Consistent givers give on a regular basis and have started to think of their giving in the same way they would about other expenses in their budget that are paid regardless of seasons of feast or famine.


Initial givers are people who have not yet given to Community Bible Church and are beginning their journey of obedience with their finances.

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