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Here at Community Bible Church, we believe that every believer should live generously with their TIME, TALENTS, and TREASURE. 

Consistent Generosity

Living a life of generosity.

We believe that living generously as a follower of Christ is not an option. When we consider the life and ministry of Jesus, He lived in a way to pour out for the best of others, ultimately paying the highest price for our redemption through the work of the cross. 

When it comes to living a generous life, we believe that it is exemplified in the Three T's. Each of these areas God has blessed, and it is up to us to steward those gifts well. The T's are our TIME, TALENTS, and TREASURE. Scripture gives us the concept of a tithe - which means 10% of 'the first fruits' for us that is taking it off the top, not from our leftovers.  

Maybe you are new to the concept of giving, and you aren't in a position to start at 10%. We would encourage you to pick a percentage and start somewhere. Also, don't become complacent regardless of how long you have followed Jesus. Ask Him if you are doing what He would have you do. 

Whether you are just starting or you have been giving for a long time, we are excited for your obedience to the Lord in supporting the working of His Kingdom through the local expression that is Community Bible Church. 

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